Preparing for your upcoming reservation

Once you've scheduled a reservation, here's some tips to help you get the most out of your reserved time:

Begin developing your program locally, and then copy your file to your QMI. You can continue editing this file on your QMI using third-party tools, or simply replace this file with an updated version.

Test and run your program on the QVM simulator before your reservation begins. Refer to the ForestTM SDK docs for more details on using the QVM. Here are some tips:

When running your program on the QVM simulator, remember to target the corresponding lattice in which you've reserved:

After testing your program on the QVM simulator, remember to update your program to target the lattice (rather than the QVM) by setting as_qvm=False.

To queue your program to automatically execute at the start of your reservation, rather than having to manually initialize its execution, follow this guide. Alternatively, during your reserved time, you can execute your program manually (i.e. $ python <YOUR_FILE_NAME>), run a Jupyter notebook, interact with your lattice in iPython from your Terminal, or work in whatever way you prefer.

Support If you need help with scheduling or managing your reservations, contact our support team at