New in Quantum Cloud Services, you can now easily book and manage reservations on Rigetti's QPU lattices using the QCS dashboard or command-line interface.

Booking a new reservation using the QCS Dashboard

Booking a new reservation using the QCS CLI First, you'll need to select a lattice that you would like to reserve and execute your program with. To view a list of all available lattices, use the following command:

$ qcs lattices

All available lattices will be displayed, ordered by number of qubits (low-to-high), for example:

Copy the name of the lattice you'd like to reserve, for example Aspen-0-6Q-C. Next, to book a reservation for your selected lattice, type:

$ qcs reserve --help

You'll be presented with a list of options to include for booking your lattice at a preferred time and duration.

All times are displayed in your local time zone—specifically, based on your browser location at the time in which you uploaded your SSH key to QCS. If the date and time you entered are not available, the CLI will automatically propose the next available times for you to accept or decline. To book a proposed time, simply enter y to confirm and you'll receive a confirmation message. To decline and try an alternative time, enter n and the next available time will be proposed.

Viewing your current and upcoming reservations You can view a list of your scheduled reservations with the following command:

$ qcs reservations

Changing or canceling an existing reservation To change an upcoming reservation, you'll need to cancel it and book a new reservation. To cancel from the dashboard, scroll down to the section labeled upcoming reservations and click red bin icon to cancel.

To cancel using the CLI, first locate the ID of the reservation by using the qcs reservations command. Next, use qcs cancel command and enter y when prompted to confirm your cancellation.

qcs cancel -i <PASTE_RESERVATION_ID>

Then, to book a new reservation, follow the instructions above.

get_qc(<LATTICE_NAME>, as_qvm= True)