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Welcome to Quantum Cloud Services

Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) is Rigetti’s quantum-first cloud computing platform. With QCS, our quantum processors (QPUs) are tightly integrated with classical computing infrastructure and made available to you over the cloud.
If you don't already have a QCS account, you can request one. See How to Use Rigetti QPUsfor an overview of all the platforms Rigetti QPU's are available on.

Quil SDK

The Quil SDK is a set of software tools that allows you to write quantum programs in Quil, then compile and run them on a simulator, or on a real Quantum Processor via QCS.
The SDK is comprised of the following:
  • pyQuil: A Python library for building and executing Quil programs
  • quilc: An optimizing Quil compiler
  • QVM: A quantum virtual machine (quantum computer simulator)

Try it!

You can try out the Quil SDK against a QVM with zero setup, thanks to our Binder tutorial!
When you're ready, continue on to learn how to start using QCS and the Forest SDK.
Last modified 1mo ago