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Access a QPU

With an active QCS account, there are two ways to run your programs on a QPU:
  • Reserved access, during scheduled blocks of time, gives you priority access to that QPU for a period of time.
  • On-demand access, without a reservation, allows you to access a QPU at almost any time at lower priority.
Learn more about each mode here:

Which mode should I use?

On-demand is great for testing and executing individual programs or quick experiments with a small number of jobs and where performance (in terms of speed and waiting time) isn't a concern.
If you need any of the following, you may prefer to use a reservation:
  • a guarantee that your job will be run
  • to run many programs in a short period of time
  • to run programs in close subsequence with a minimum amount of time in between, such as for iterative workloads like VQE and QAOA
  • to work interactively, with a short development feedback cycle
With a reservation, your jobs are guaranteed to run as fast as possible and without interruptions. Per second of execution, reservation access is lower cost than on-demand access, if that reservation is fully used.