QCS CLI Reference

This document serves as a reference for QCS CLI commands and configuration.

For a guided tour of the QCS CLI, including how to install it and configure credentials, see Using the QCS CLI.


Basic Commands


Usage: qcs help [<command>]

Display help for any specified command (or subcommand). If no command is given, this will display help for available top-level commands.

Alternately, use the -h or --h flag with any command to display help.


Usage: qcs help-config

Display CLI configuration guidance.


Usage: qcs help-input

Display guidance on formatting input to API commands.


Usage: qcs version [current|latest|update]

current: Display version information for installed CLI (default).

latest: Display version information for latest available CLI.

update: Update installed CLI to latest available version.

API Commands

Usage: qcs api [<command>]

The api commands provide a comprehensive set of ways to interact with the QCS API.

Use qcs help api and qcs help-input for full details on using API commands.

All timestamps supplied to qcs api subcommands must be in RFC3339 format. Use qcs tools format-date to format a human-friendly date as an RFC3339 timestamp.

Tool Commands

Usage: qcs tools [<command>]

The tools commands provide convenient helpers for common tasks.

See below (or use qcs help tools) for details on available commands.


Usage: qcs tools format-date <date-string>

Format a human-friendly date string as an RFC3339 timestamp, for use with API commands.


qcs tools format-date "Jan  2 15:04:05 PDT 2006"

will output:



Usage: qcs tools reserve --quantum-processor-id <id> [<options>]

List available reservations for a QPU and interactively book.

Available Options:

--duration , -d

string, default: 15m0s

Duration of reservation, specified as a sequence of positive or negative numbers, each with a time unit suffix.

Examples: 300ms, -1.5h or 2h45m

Valid time units are:

  • ns: Nanoseconds

  • us (or µs): Microseconds

  • ms: Milliseconds

  • s: Seconds

  • m: Minutes

  • h: Hours



Book the next available reservation.

Including this flag will immediately purchase the next available reservation, without additional confirmation.



Notes to add to reservation.

--quantum-processor-id, -q

string, required

ID of quantum processor to reserve.

--start-time-from, -s

string, default: current time

Time after which to search for available reservations.

For details on allowed time formats, refer to this page.

Configuration Commands

QCS CLI commands derive configuration from the environment:

Environment VariableDefault ValueDescription







  • QCS_SETTINGS_FILE (default

The settings and secrets commands provide functionality for reading and updating settings and credentials for the QCS CLI.

Use qcs help settings, qcs help secrets, and qcs help-config for full details on all available commands.

The default locations for settings and secrets are ~/.qcs/settings.toml and ~/.qcs/secrets.toml, respectively.

These locations can be overridden by setting the QCS_SETTINGS_FILE_PATHandQCS_SECRETS_FILE_PATH environment variables, respectively.

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