JupyterLab IDE

If you're already signed up for QCS, you'll have access to a personal, cloud-based JupyterLab IDE via JupyterHub. Your JupyterLab IDE is a provisioned development environment that comes with everything needed to use QCS pre-installed, including the Quil SDK and example notebooks. Any work saved in your IDE will be persisted so that you can continue working the next time you sign in.

Access JupyterLab

You can access your JupyterLab IDE by signing into QCS and clicking the JupyterLab selector in the upper right. You may then select the appropriate JupyterLab region by clicking on it.

Once you have selected the appropriate JupyterLab, you'll see the JupyterHub control panel, where you can start (or stop) your JupyterLab IDE server.

Start Your Server

After clicking Start My Server from the control panel, you can choose a pre-configured server option. Most users will want to use the "Recommended" configuration. Once selected, click Start.

Once your server is started, you'll be dropped into a JupyterLab IDE, where you can begin developing your own quantum programs or exploring the example notebooks in the tutorials directory.

If you're not familiar with using JupyterLab, we recommend this handy guide.

Stop Or Change Your Server

If you'd like to stop your server or restart it with a different server option, follow the steps below:

  1. From your IDE, navigate to File -> Hub Control Panel.

  2. From the control panel, click Stop My Server.

  3. When the server finishes stopping, click Start My Server to select and start a server option.

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