Running your first Quantum Program

How you build and run quantum programs largely depends on what library you are using. For most users, we recommend pyQuil. Head to run your first quantum program in the pyQuil documentation to get started!

If you want to work at a lower level than pyQuil, you can consider using our other libraries.

Unlike pyQuil, these packages are pre-1.0 and breaking changes can occur between minor versions.


The QCS SDK is a library written for Rust and Python. It offers an interface for interacting with quilc, QVM, and QCS. There is both a high level API for the compile-and-execute workflow and a lower-level API that can be used to build your own workflows.


quil-rs and quil-py

We offer a pair of Rust and Python packages for working with Quil. You can use them to parse, build, manipulate and serialize Quil programs. quil-py has no dependencies, making it a lightweight alternative to pyQuil if you only want to build Quil programs.


What next?

After you get your first program up and running, check out our Guidesto learn more. Here are some recommendations to get you started:

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