How to Use Rigetti QPUs

Direct: Quantum Cloud Services

Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) is a quantum-first cloud computing platform. We tightly integrate our QPUs with classical compute hardware and provide access to you through the cloud.

QCS is the most direct way to work on Rigetti QPUs. With your QCS account, you get access to your own personal cloud-based JupyterLab IDE with the Quil SDK for building and executing Quantum Programs.

You can request access to QCS by filling out this form.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

ORNL hosts the Quantum Computer User Program (QCUP), through which researchers can apply for funding to access Rigetti QPUs. QCUP users are otherwise direct QCS users with all the benefits that entails. They have QCS accounts and use our hosted Jupyter environment to perform their work.


Rigetti also vends access to our QPUs through several partners, each of which offers its own advantages.

You don't need a QCS account to use Rigetti QPUs via these partners; you'll use an account on their platform instead.

Amazon Braket

You can use Rigetti QPUs on Amazon Braket via the Amazon Braket SDK.

Microsoft Azure Quantum

Rigetti is a provider for Azure Quantum. You can submit jobs on-demand using both Quil and QIR. See the documentation for the Rigetti provider for more details.


Access Rigetti QPUs online through the Strangeworks platform.

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