The Rigetti QCS API

Rigetti QCS offers a stable, performant web API for access to QPUs and associated data. This API is served in two parts:

  • An OpenAPI-specified JSON HTTP API for management of accounts, reservations, and QPU data to include architecture and calibrations.

  • a gRPC-based API for interaction with the QPUs, to include translation. This is for the benefit of performance, streaming capabilities, and the efficient transfer of large binary data.

Where is the API hosted?

Which packages should I use to interact with the API?

Rigetti offers tools in several languages. See our open-source landing page for more information. As a rule of thumb:

  • If you're working in Python and...

    •'re looking to run experiments, use forest-benchmarking if it contains utilities you find useful, and otherwise pyQuil

    •'re looking to run programs with a simple utility, use qcs

    •'re looking to interact with our API directly, use the qcs-api-client

  • If you're working in Rust, or want to create bindings for a different language (e.g. Julia), and...

    •'re looking to use the QPU to run programs, use qcs

    •'re looking to interact with the API directly, use the qcs-api-client-*suite of packages

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