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QCS Gateway

The QCS Gateway is a service that provides high-availability, 24/7 connectivity to a QPU, even when that QPU is undergoing maintenance. This provides a seamless user experience, especially when using on-demand access. If the QPU is undergoing maintenance, your job will be queued until it is available and then run at the first opportunity.
Direct Access
QCS Gateway
When should you use it?
When you have a QPU reservation, strict latency requirements, and direct network access
All other times
Connection Routing
Direct connection to the QPU
Routes requests to QPUs
Network Access
Requires direct network access to Rigetti Lab (e.g. from QCS JupyterHub)
Accessible from more network locations
Request Latency
Minimum possible
Small (< 1ms) additional request latency
Not highly available; connection fails during service upgrade and maintenance. Uptime is only guaranteed during user reservation periods
Highly available; jobs may be submitted 24/7