Reserving Time on a QPU

Reserving time on a QPU requires an existing QCS account. If you don't already have a QCS account, you can request one.
There are two ways to reserve time on a Rigetti QPU:

Using the QCS Dashboard

From the QCS dashboard, start by selecting a desired reservation duration, date, and time, then click the search icon.
You'll be presented with a list of available QPUs, including information about each QPU's topology and fidelities. Simply select a desired QPU and follow the confirmation prompts.
Once finished, you'll receive an email confirming the reservation.

Viewing or Cancelling a Reservation

To view upcoming reservations, visit the QCS dashboard and scroll down until you see the Upcoming Reservations section.
From there, click View all your reservations to see past and future reservations, or click the trash can icon next to a reservation to cancel it.

Using the QCS CLI

If you're using the QCS CLI from a local computer instead of your provisioned JupyterLab IDE, ensure you've downloaded and configured the CLI.
This guide refers to the new QCS CLI, made for working with pyQuil v3. If you're using pyQuil v2, refer to Using the Legacy QCS CLI.
First, view a list of available QPUs:
qcs api list-quantum-processors
If you'd like to inspect the topology and fidelity information for a QPU, you can use qcs api get-instruction-set-architecture <quantum-processor-id>.
For example, to inspect Aspen-9, run:
qcs api get-instruction-set-architecture Aspen-9
Once you've selected a QPU, interactively select an available reservation with the qcs tools reserve command.
For example, to book a reservation on Aspen-9, run:
qcs tools reserve --quantum-processor-id Aspen-9
There are more options available to this command than shown above. See the QCS CLI reference for more details.
Once finished, you'll receive an email confirming the reservation.

Viewing or Cancelling a Reservation

To list reservations, run:
qcs api list-reservations
The above command will list all reservations, past and future. If you'd like to filter based on properties like QPU or start time, you can supply a --filter option.
For example:
qcs api list-reservations --filter 'quantumProcessorId = "Aspen-9"'
qcs api list-reservations --filter 'startTime >= "2021-05-13T00:00:00Z"'
For a list of available filter fields for list-reservations, see the endpoint's documentation.
For more details on formatting filters, see our API documentation.
For help formatting timestamps, see the CLI's format-date command.
To cancel an upcoming reservation, run the following command (supplying the ID for the reservation in place of <reservation-id>):
qcs api delete-reservation <reservation-id>
A reservation's ID can be found by looking at the id field in the results of running qcs api list-reservations, as described above.